About Lakeside Friends

Lakeside Friends of the Library comprises the board and members who are working hard to meet their goals for the new Lakeside Library. Lakeside Friends of the Library sponsors activities that enhance the cultural and educational life of the Lakeside Community.

The Friends support the Lakeside Branch of the San Diego County Library through fundraising, volunteering and community relations. Meet the Lakeside Friends of the Library Board Members.

Goals include integrating activities with the operations of the library, but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintaining membership of persons interested in the library and the community
  • Encouraging community support of the library
  • Focusing public attention on library services, facilities, and needs
  • Helping the library to be responsive to the needs of the community
  • Expanding the resources of the library
  • Raising funds to be used in purchasing materials for the branch
  • Providing assistance in library programs
  • Publicizing the resources of the library
  • Championing library causes at the local and state level
  • Acting as volunteers at the library
  • Managing endowments and gifts to the Lakeside Friends of the Library
  • Serving the book-loving community through their bookstore which raises money for special senior, adult, teen and children’s programs

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Terry Burke-Eiserling, Lakeside Friends Chairperson and Mary Elder, Lakeside Library Branch Manager welcomes everyone into the Lakeside Library.

Lakeside Friends of the Library

12428 Woodside Ave. , Lakeside, CA 92040

Phone: 619-631-5614

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